GSSC Airgunners road trip to PEARC

George Sport Shooting Club Airgunners took a road trip to Port Elizabeth Air Rifle Club.

A huge thank you to Coastal Armature & Rewinders sponsoring our transport.

PEARC have an awesome venue, with refreshments and food sponsored by Quality Express Couriers.

GSSC Airgunner took overall Team competition with a 2% winning Margin.

All our shooters did very well, but Marissa de Jager not only won the Juniors class, but ended with the overall top score of the day.

Very very well done to her.

PCP (All classes)        
Name Club Class Score Perc.
M de Jager GSSC Jnr 53 100.00%
B Penny PEARC Snr 53 100.00%
L Streicher PEARC Snr 52 98.11%
U de Jager GSSC Snr 51 96.23%
Theo Swart PEARC Snr 51 96.23%
Walther vd Merwe GSSC Snr 51 96.23%
Thys Zwart GSSC Snr 49 92.45%
B Botha GSSC Snr 45 84.91%
C Moss PEARC Snr 44 83.02%
D Vorster PEARC Snr 44 83.02%
V Vermaak PEARC Jnr 42 79.25%
R vd Westhuizen PEARC Snr 41 77.36%
Cynthia Streicher PEARC Snr 43 81.13%
Thomas Young PEARC Snr 40 75.47%
C Ellingson PEARC Snr 40 75.47%
N Moolman PEARC Snr 31 58.49%
P Dippernaar PEARC Snr 22 41.51%
Open Recoil      
Name Club Class Score Perc.
A Reason PEARC Snr 45 83.33%
T Winslow PEARC Snr 40 74.07%
Lourens Streicher PEARC Snr 36 66.67%
L Winslow PEARC Jnr 34 62.96%
K Knipe PEARC Jnr 31 57.41%