WHFTO World Championships 2018 – Czech Republic

The WHFTO World Championships 2018 will take place between 3rd and 5th August at the Baroque Chateau and Park, Choltice, Czech Republic.

Four intrepid local shooters form Team South Africa to compete at the championships; they are Brett Bothwell (who will be shooting in the springer class)

Michael Olivier, Zelda Bothwell, Jan Van Der Vyver (who will be shooting in the open PCP class)

Bon Voyage & Bon chance Team South Africa.

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  1. Micheal Olivier finished 20 & Jan 79 in the open PCP Class
    Brett Bothwell finished 7 in the Springer Class
    Zelda Bothwell finished 11 in the Ladies PCP Class

    Team ZA finished in 6th place

    Awesome results, Well done !!!!!


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